What's Your Value Stream Management (VSM) Maturity Level?

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At this level, there's a clear drive for transformation and improvement. While efforts are not yet fully integrated across teams, there's a proactive approach to making piecemeal improvements. Leadership is working towards better alignment, and though data insights are limited, there's an eagerness to improve decision-making processes.
At this level, there's a proactive drive to understand the organization's value streams and embrace continuous improvement. Teams are adopting VSM concepts, launching pilot initiatives, and collecting metrics. Though not fully utilized yet, there's a focus on using metrics to enhance processes. Proactive plans are underway to address inefficiencies, dependencies, and risks.
At this level, alignment and collaboration thrive across value streams, driving efficiencies and performance. Consistent practices and guardrails minimize risks, dependencies, and inefficiencies. Business and technology teams are breaking down silos, fostering enhanced alignment.
At this level, data-driven decisions are the norm, with advanced data maturity across value streams. Teams use data to improve performance, aided by uniform dashboards for seamless collaboration between business and technology teams. Streamlined data flows optimize processes, boosting efficiency.
At this level, there's a culture of continuous improvement. Organizations excel in VSM, emphasizing innovation, collaboration, and transparency. Teams embrace experimentation and data-driven decisions, with full visibility across value streams from ideation to customer value.
Value Stream Aware
Full Transparency and Flow

The Broadcom Value Stream Management Maturity Model

Why did Broadcom create the VSM maturity model?

Well, we've got the industry know-how and innovative spirit to lead this initiative. With us at the helm, you can count on a VSM model that is comprehensive as well as enlightening!


In brief the model describes five levels of maturity in four key focus areas; operational, alignment, visibility and efficiency.

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